What to Plant?

It’s almost fall…  well, at least in many parts of the country but here!  Here, the daytime highs are still hovering around 100 degrees plus.  Some of the only ways to tell it’s fall is the palpable excitement about double digit temperatures (OMG, it was only 99 today!) and Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is back.  And, if you’re up early enough in the day, the mornings are a little cooler – the nighttime lows are dropping below 80 degrees (like last night, it was all the way down to 79).

What this is all leading to is planting guides.  When gardening in the desert, all of the “typical” when to plant guides are meaningless!  The best planting guide for our region that I have found so far comes from the work and experience of Matt Suhr and Greg Peterson at the Urban Farm.

Based on their chart, we are looking at planting beets, fava beans, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cilantro, fennel, kale, radish, swiss chard, turnips, scallions, onions, parsnips and spinach.  Next step – figure out if we have enough room to grow everything!

One response to “What to Plant?

  1. Yumm, just plant everything! – D

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