Jack Russels & roof rats…

If only I could bottle Roxy’s energy & determination…  We have been in the process of pruning our older orange trees to help keep them healthy.  I was up on the ladder, pruning away, when i noticed the yard was very quiet…  Now, for those of you who have children, you know this is a tell-tell of trouble brewing.  I looked around the backyard, and sure enough Roxy was in with the tomatoes digging to her heart’s content.  AARRGGHH!

Well, we fixed her… and the roof rats who will soon be finished with dining on the oranges.

We constructed hinged screens for each of the beds out of 1×2 Douglas Fir studs and 1/2″ welded wire.

Hinging the screens allows me easy access to the beds to weed, add plants, or harvest.

2 responses to “Jack Russels & roof rats…

  1. Did you have success with these raised beds? I would think the metal would hold too much heat, especially in the desert.



    • I wondered the same thing myself before we started. There is enough mass in the soil and shade during the day that they do not overheat. We initially filled them to about 6″ from the top. Some of the plants close to the sides do not get enough sun. I am going to try and add soil to the beds so the plants are closer to the top of the beds this year.

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