Urban Fruit Trees

Well, our tress have been in the ground for a little over a month.

You may notice they are quite a bit smaller than when we first planted them…  WHY?! you ask.

Our local Urban Farm guru, who we purchased the tress from, recommended that we cut them down to 18-24″ high.  By doing this, branches are forced to grow very low on the trunk, thus creating fruit bushes as opposed to trees.  He further suggests that the trees, as they mature, be pruned to keep the trees no taller than 6′ high and no wider than 6′ in diameter.  A few of the benefits of doing this is the ability to have many different types of trees in a small space and the fruit is much easier to pick when it is only an arm’s reach away.

I am the one who usually cringes when the trees in our yard have to be pruned.  In this case, if we were to prune the trees to bush height, I was the one who had to do it.  All of the trees are doing great except the two peach trees.

The apples already had low branches on the trunk so they look the best.  I just noticed this morning that there are a couple of new sprouts on the trunk that were not there just a few days ago.

The Anna is to the left and the Dorsett Golden is on the right.

All of the other trees had no growth on their trunks when I pruned them to 24″.  Here’s the two apricots…

The Katy variety on the left and the Golden Kist on the right.



These two trees are the Flavor Delight Aprium on the left and the Santa Rosa Plum on the right.


And here’s the two peaches; Desert Gold on the left and Mid-Pride on the right.

I will talk to our guru and let you know if the peaches are just slow or if they were traumatized and may not make it.


One response to “Urban Fruit Trees

  1. Your trees look so healthy. Excellent job!

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