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Our orchard

I can’t believe it’s been 18 months since I last posted!  We have been very busy planting, building soil, building shade structures, fences, and rodent (and Jack Russell) proof covers.

Our trees are doing quite well, although they have not yet produced any fruit.  I can say, in hindsight, I wish I had not cut the trunks of the trees down to 18″ when we first planted them.  The trunks of the trees have not grown in height much.

what growth!Here’s how the trees look now…

A very happy Anna! Yard tree-Dorsett Golden AppleThe Anna is on the left.  Our first Dorsett Golden Apple did not survive through the winter.  Our new Dorsett Golden Apple is shown on the right.

The Katy Apricot is on the Orchard tree-ApricotOrchard tree-Gold Kist Apricot
left and the Golden Kist
Apricot is on the far left.


OurYard tree-Aprium new Aprium (replacement) is now planted next to the Dorsett.



The Santa Rosa is doing fantastic.  I pruned all Orchard tree-Santa Rose Plumof trees in the orchard about a month ago.  All of the light green leaves at the end of the branches are new.


Orchard tree-Desert Gold Peach #1Orchard tree-Desert Gold Peach #2Last, but not least, the two Desert Gold Peach trees.
All of the trees will need to be pruned again soon.

 Kumquat treeMeyer lemon Orchard tree-Royal Cherry Pomegranite behind
Royal Cherry                     Meyer Lemon                   Kumquat