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18 weeks – Eggs from Gracie

Gracie, one of our Americaunas, has been laying one egg per day for the last few days.  The first one was broken as it was dropped.  The next couple were found on the ground in their run without any shells around the white & yolk.  We found the shells, which were paper thin and very flexible, in other parts of the run.  The 4th egg was very small, but delicious.  And the one below, the double yolk egg, was the one she laid today.

The top egg is one from the grocery store.  Notice how much lighter the yolk is and how far the white has traveled in the pan.  It would be interesting to test to see how the nutritional value is different between these two eggs.

14_0605 egg-dbl yolk-Americauna

Gracie’s 5th egg

Our first egg

We went to the feed store after having breakfast this morning to purchase “Layer” feed since we are almost out of the chick starter.  Once home, I went to check the water for the chickens since it’s been over 100 degrees the last few days.  Lo and behold, our very first egg was in one of the nesting boxes.

1st eggOne of the Americaunas, Gracie or Charlotte, must have laid the egg while we were gone.  Unfortunately, the box she laid the egg in did not have enough sawdust in the bottom, and one end of the egg was cracked.  This is nesting box is one of the two boxes that the girls try to sleep in all together at night.  In the beginning, all eight would try to git into one box.  Now, since they are bigger, 4-5 of them try to sleep together.

I filled all four of the laying boxes with 2-3″ of sawdust.  I filled their food tubes with the remainder of the chick starter mixed in with the Layer mix we came home with.  As soon as I stepped out of the run, Gracie went into one of the top boxes and proceeded to kick and scratch a “nest” in the new sawdust.  She kicked, rotated around, scratched and had sawdust flying until she made a crater just so.  I came into the house, went back out soon after, and she was in the other top box doing the same dance.  As soon as she got the second box just so, she went back to the first box to rearrange a bit more.  She went back and forth between these two boxes for quite a while.

The rest of the girls came and went in the coop, looking up at what she was doing.  At one point, Isabella, one of the White Leghorns, jumped into one of the lower nesting boxes, scratched a bit, and jumped right back down.

If you are interested in knowing what colored eggs different breeds of chickens lay, try “BackYard Chickens Egg Color Chart.”