Waterer our girls prefer…

I know we have had lots of questions about which watering system to use for our chickens.  We have tried a couple, some have gone by the wayside, some we still pick up some at the feed store and then put them right back down again.  Our girls will drink out of the gravity-fed, nippled barrels that we posted about earlier.  But, they are definitely not their preferred method of drinking.

This is our chickens’ favorite waterer… Ours holds between 2 and 3 gallons.  They do make them bigger.  The only drawback we have found is we cannot put cider vinegar in it since it is aluminum.


3 responses to “Waterer our girls prefer…

  1. Ljiljana Pejich

    I can see that for last couple of months you have not been writing your blog. I hope that you are all fine just under a big load of work or research and just plain not making it to write the blog. I am writing from central Serbia, where we returned after 23 years of life in Africa; we are busy building raised beds for our veggies and plan to do them as steel construction, similar to ones you can see in nurseries – kind of a ± 30cm deep ‘bathtubs’ (made from zink plated sheathing) perched on metal legs about 50cm from the ground- so that beds surface is at about 80cm from the ground. Raised beds like that were made in Africa but from bricks, and beds bottoms were from scrap wood – but it deteriorated so fast, it is not even funny. But, in Africa ants and other bugs eat untreated wood in no time..We are looking at your beds that you made in 2010 and wonder-
    1. where you happy with them and what would you do differently?
    2. what type of metal sheathing was it – any kind of protection against the elements? how did it work over time?
    I apologize for just jumping at the point here, maybe in your blog archive there are answers to all this, but it it a LOT of reading and searching…I’ll carry on reading, but I felt it wouldn’t hurt to ask directly…
    thanks in advance for your answer!
    best regards from heart of Serbia

    • Hi Ljiljana,
      I apologize for taking so long to respond to your questions… I hope my answers will now provide the information you are seeking.
      1. Were you happy with them and what would you do differently? Overall, we are very happy with the raised beds. We tried two different corner posts to attached the metal sheets to. The metal tubes are lasting much longer than the wood posts.
      2. what type of metal sheathing was it – any kind of protection against the elements? how did it work over time? The metal sheets are corrugated metal panels that we can buy in most building supply stores here in the US. We did not treat the metal with anything. There is some calcium build-up on the inside of the beds due to the mineral-rich water we have in our area. We did treat some of the wood in the beginning, but the sun soon made it peel and crack. Treating the wood was not worth the effort in the long run.

      The only thing we would have done differently with the knowledge we now have is to use metal posts in the corners and along the sides about every 3 feet (approx. 1 meter).

      • Thank you for your answers! We made our raised beds veggie garden as I described before and it worked really well. The soil did dry faster than in regular beds, but we had no snails, very little weed and almost no other pests – which are all valuable pluses. The only thing is – we started very late this spring, but for next year we have already built two more beds and are busy filling them with soil so that they will be ready..Happy gardening to you in 2016!

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