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Dharma, happy and loving life!

I am happy to report that Dharma is still going strong!  She has her good days and bad days, but overall happy and loving life!  Naps are good as well…

Sad news…

14_1026 DharmaDharma, our beloved Papillon, was recently diagnosed with mast cell cancer.  It started with 3 tumor like growths.  Our regular vet biopsied them and gave us the diagnosis.  They offered to do surgery to remove the 3 tumors.  The problem with this option as a solution is the following week, 3 more tumors may pop up.  Mast cell cancer can pop up anywhere.
We found an alternative medicine vet who is doing immune system support, acupuncture, medicinal mushrooms, and homeopathics.  She currently has her good days and bad days.  Not bad for a 12 year precious pup!


Canine Ancestral Diet

Our dogs are all getting older and their bodies are showing signs of ill health. One of our Jacks has been on porcine enzymes all her life because she is challenged with digesting proteins.  The other Jack Russel eats dirt, rocks, and poop.  Her poor digestive tract is exhausted.  The Papillon is on thyroid and blood pressure meds.  Our Weimeraner is the healthiest, but he also the youngest.

We recently had a new vet come to the house to evaluate the dogs to let us know if there were any alternative methods we could employ to help them stay healthy.  Her top recommendation was feeding the dogs raw food.  She suggested that we read “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way” by Steve Brown.  ‘A’ stands for the Amount of fat, protein, and carbs based on the ancestral diet of dogs, ‘B’ is for Balancing the fats, and ‘C’ is for Completing your dog’s nutrition needs by feeding your dog fresh, whole foods.  Sounds like Paleo, if you ask me…

Raw dog food ingredientsWell, we know that health begins with food.  Therefore, we committed to feed the dogs raw foods once a week to see if it makes a difference.  Tonight was the first night we made a batch of food.  The ingredients for our four dogs (approximately 137 pounds of total dogs weight) for one day are 20.3 ounces of organ meat (heart, liver, kidneys), 19.3 ounces of fruits and vegetables, 10 eggs, and 6 cans of sardines (packed in water).  We used green beans, a tomato and a sweet potato for the fruits and vegetables in this batch.  And here’s what it looks like blended… Raw Dog Food blended
Not so visually appetizing, but we’ll see what the dogs think tomorrow morning!  Stay tuned for more paleo dog updates!



You may have noticed that we have a new member in our family, Shadow, a beautiful Weimaraner.  He is another rescue, one of three dogs who were caged and being starved.  When we rescued him, he was 20 pounds under weight.  You can see what skin and bones he was when we first got him.

Here he is waiting for dinner, with Roxy by his side.

We slowly built up his weight, started taking him walks to build up his muscle mass, while giving him lots of love.

The other two dogs that were rescued now live with two of our friends.  The other male, Robbo, is extremely food obsessive, always getting into trouble stealing eggs out of the frying pan, or pizza out of hands, or jumping on top of the washing machine to pull the plastic bin of dog food off the top shelf onto the floor.  The female, Gracie, was treated the worst of the three.  She is missing an eye, was severely underweight, and had small fractures on every leg from being beaten.  She is slowly healing and is with a lovely family who rescues older or sicker dogs who have few opportunities to find homes.  My mom used to say that people who treat animals in the ways these animals have been treat should have the same done to them.

We ended up doing such a great job putting weight on Shadow, our vet made us cut back because he was a bit overweight… He is a happy boy who has found his voice in our pack.