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Water, water in the barrel

My last post about the shower water to the barrel ended with the hose at the eaves of the house. We have threaded the hose through the ficus tree to reach the barrel top.  As a side note, we placed the barrel under the tree, in between the tree and the block wall to shade it as much as possible.

Hose to the barrel

Now, every time we pull the shower head diverter, the water travels to the barrel instead of down the drain.  Big woo hoo for sustainability!  The barrel is also placed up on a stand so the water can flow via gravity to the planter beds.

Water barrel

At the bottom of the barrel, we installed a spigot with a T-connection.  The larger drip irrigation hose is connected to each side of the T with an in-line shut-off valve.

Barrel to drip irrigation

As soon as the micro-pipe is connected, the collected water can be used to water the two planter beds.  With this, the construction and infrastructure is in place to support our success in this grand experiment

It worked!

2 showers down and no leaks!!!  Even though we didn’t have the barrel hooked up this morning, we ran the cool water out the hose until the water warmed up.  The ficus tree was very happy!

Today, we constructed a platform for the water barrel so the water will be gravity fed to the planters.  Next, microtubing for drip irrigation…