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Compost Arrives!

We decided the easiest way to move the compost from the trailer in the driveway up and into the beds was by using a wheel barrow, walking it up a ramp, and then dumping it into the raised bed.  This saved us from having to shovel twice!

Ramp to dump compost

Towards the end of shoveling, we counted that it took 40 shovels of compost to fill one wheel barrow.  I would have loved to do the math (or maybe not)… to figure out how many wheel barrows we hauled, but we didn’t count the number of wheel barrow loads.  Ahhh, it’s probably better not knowing!

Trailer 1/3 unloaded!

One of us would shovel and the other took the hoe and spread the compost out evenly in the bed.  The compost was hot and moist and emitted a lot of steamy heat while we were moving it.

Planter bed filled with compost

But the beauty in the end was amazing!  And it was definitely time to go inside, cool off and take a shower

Compost is Luscious!

The word on the street is the compost from Singh’s Farm is the BEST.  So, that’s where we headed.  Standing in the middle of Singh’s Farm, you have no idea you are in the middle of the desert and it’s 113 degrees outside!  There are native trees planted throughout the entire farm, creating a wonderful microclimate of cool humid goodness.

Entrance to Singh's Farm

Main walk at Singh's Farm

Working Farm

Plants for sale at Singh's

Mr. Singh accepts food waste from Whole Foods plus plant trimmings from local landscapers.  He turns it into three different grades of wonderful, fertile, luscious smelling compost.  Yes, compost smells luscious!

Singh's compost by the bag or truckload

Medium grade compost

Fine grade compost

We ended up purchasing 2 loads of medium and 1/2 load of fine grade compost.  It filled the trailer!  Although we had the entire load cover with tarps and tied down well, we still drove home slowly so we didn’t lose any of our precious load.

HOT, hot, hot!

This is the hardest time of the year for me living in the desert.  It’s been hot for sooo long!  Then we have a few days where double digits are the high and I get hopeful, hopeful about it cooling off soon.  And then it hits again, extreme heat warnings.  Checking Weather Underground just a few minutes ago, right now it’s 113.4 degrees with 10% humidity.  And the extreme heat warning extends through tomorrow.  But, it’s a dry heat…

Oh yeah, shoveling compost in 113 degree weather – it will definitely be a weight loss day tomorrow, even with drinking gallons of water.

OK, I feel like a kid in the candy store or maybe the young guy on the commercial where he says, “I’m too excited to sleep!”  I just received an email from the seed company saying our seeds have shipped.  Two more days and we fill the raised beds with compost… and then it all really begins!  This means i have a couple of days to figure out our planting plan – sketchbook, here I come!